The Best Self Defense Video Out There!

by DiAnn Lanke Stasik, M.Ed, CI-Ptr


Many have encouraged me to write an article about why my self defense video is “the best self defense video” on the market. Let’s start with what others have said.

A martial arts school owner and fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do says, “Fundamentals of Self Defense is the best self defense video I have seen and I have trained all over the country and have a library on this topic…. I will recommend this to all my students.” Another Self Defense Instructor says, “DiAnn’s unique Safe-Chi Kata progresses in difficulty and the workout offers a fun way for students to learn techniques designed to keep an attacker at bay. I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to learn to use her strengths to keep her safe. “

From a Social Workers point of view, “DiAnn Lanke Stasik has created a program for women that is workable and “doable”. Her frank discussion of what can and does happen to women is important to acknowledge. Then she gives us the methods and mindset to protect ourselves.”

Throughout the years I have worked with law enforcement personnel to fine-tune my program. Here is what some of those people have to say: “I have been working in the field of corrections for over 10 years. In all of my training, I have found this self defense video course the most helpful. This video emphasizes a woman’s strength and her ability to use it. It has helped me not only in my line of work but also as a mother. I would recommend this video to women of all ages.” A veteran police officer says “DiAnn’s video gives practical advice that every woman can use. DiAnn shows you ways to defend yourself that anyone can do. She helps to explain the mindset of an attacker to better understand how to change your own mindset. By practicing this every day every woman has been given the tools to feel more confident to make their own personal environment safer.”

Other customers have offered the following comments:

“Your video is absolutely awesome! Your video promotes awareness and prompts me to keep a few simple things in my mind so that I can react quickly to an attacker. I will be a more protected person because of it, and so will my friends and family.”

“Your video is great and it is very useful for women like me who travel from one place to another. Your techniques are straightforward and easy to execute. The whole video is a very good source of information from prevention to actual physical counter attack. One of the best tapes I viewed. Most tapes show fancy high kicks that perhaps a martial artist can perform, not practical for the everyday woman. Your video is for everyone, even young girls can perform the techniques. Thanks for a very good instructional tape. Hope you will produce more in future.”

“I am now more confident in my ability to successfully survive an attack! I learned which parts of my attacker’s body are pressure points that would allow me to apply pressure to break his hold on me! I learned that even without physical weapons at my disposal I have many of my own body parts that make excellent weapons with which I can protect myself! I learned to feel more secure by being aware of my surroundings so I can more likely prevent an attack from happening in the first place! … Self defense training has given me peace of mind to know that I do not have to become a victim if I use the techniques DiAnn taught me!”

From this and other feedback, the keywords that I find being echoed in response to owning “the best self defense video” out there are: workable, doable, useful, practical, most helpful, straightforward, easy, fun and peace of mind. Those are the things that I set out to provide when planning my video. Since those people didn’t know my objectives yet discovered them upon viewing the Fundamentals of Self Defense video, then I would have to conclude that you have concluded my video to be “the best self defense video” out there.

It all adds up to safety and “Safe-Chi.” In the Fundamentals of Self Defense I give you both the techniques AND the way to keep it alive within you. The Safe-Chi Kata builds and maintains your “Power Within.” Want the best self defense? Do the Safe-Chi Kata.

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2 Responses to “The Best Self Defense Video Out There!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Testimonial from Keychain Self Defense (Corporate In-House) Seminar 09/24/08:

    “DiAnn was great! Learning to use the kubaton to music really helped me stay interested and I now feel more comfortable knowing that I am able to defend myself against skeezy dudes at the bar!”

    -Amanda I

  2. DiAnn says:

    We had a blast during WOW’s Keychain Seminar at Acupuncture & Holistic Health Associates! I feel sorry for the “skeezy dudes” that give Amanda & the AHHA gang a hard time.

    Feel free to contact me for your in-house corporate training seminar –


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